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As you step into the event, guess what? You're automatically in the running for something awesome with the artist! Yep, that's right, you could snap a pic with the man of the hour or play a game, and we're handing out 30 of these golden opportunities at each show.

Now, if you're feeling lucky and want to up your chances, you can grab more raffle tickets for just $5 each. And here's the cool part – the proceeds we collect from those extra tickets are going straight to two fantastic causes that he supports: the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and #STOMPOUTBULLYING, all in the artist's name. We'll announce the grand total of what we've raised during the last show, and it's gonna be a surprise that will make the artist's day so let's keep this lowkey...see what we did there.

Quick heads-up, though: even if lightning strikes and you're picked more than once, you'll still only get one shot at that selfie or games chance. You can either share the love and pass your extra chance to someone else, or let us draw another lucky ticket. Your call!



The first and last name at check out is the one used for the drawing.
All entries are non-refundable

DC | ATAP Extra Entry

  • You name will be entered in the drawing for as many tickets as you purchased. Please make sure to use the same email as you purcahsed with the ticket so we can make sure they match when we do the drawing.

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